Reliable Hot tapping and pipelines services

Hot tapping is also known as pressure tapping. It is a technique of creating a safe connection (via means of drilling or cutting to a pressurized structure like pipeline or pressurized vessel without eliminating the tank or pipe. This helps to avoid unsafe conditions or environmental dangers and ensures continuous operation. Hot Tapping helps to tie safely into a pressurized system, via cutting or drilling techniques, while it is streaming and under pressure.

Beyond the calculation of new branch networks to your piping, our hot tap amenities can also be applied for many other purposes.

  • Flow Meter installation
  •  Product sampling point
  •  Draining of pipelines
  •  Sensor installation of Thermo-well
  •  Switch installation Pressure Control
  •  Pipeline check-up
  •  Fix product in a pipeline
  •  Air Relief Point

Classic connections comprise of:

  • Tapping fittings such as Weldolet® and Split Tees used as a branch and
    main pipe with the same diameters.
  • Isolation controller such as Gate or Ball.
  • Hot tapping appliance which includes cutter.
  • Our pipeline services utilize modern technology in coupon retention.
    When the
  • Lines from 0.5" to 48" in width
  • Pressures from atmospheric to 69 bar
  • Temperatures from cryogenic to 1,350°F (400°C)

Safe execution of hot taps
Hot taps can be done safely on many pipes carbon steel and GRE and can be easily carried on systems that contain oil, gas, steam, fuel, and water along with other mediums with pressures of up to 1000 PSIG @ 100 Deg. F. The installation is tested for pressure verification; the valve is unlocked which further advances the pilot drill and cutter. When the cut is achieved, the pilot drill and cutter are retracted, the valve gets closed and the Hot Tap Machine is taken off.

How Our Specialists Begin and End Hot Tapping Processes?
We can tie your system in numerous ways. Valveless connections, Angle taps, long-travel taps, and many other methods are also available to complete your connection in the most effective manner. Our equipment is designed and then tested to withstand the required extreme temperatures, operating pressures, and harsh working environments.

Out experts of Hot Tapping Pipelines are trained of completing the whole process effectively without hindering the daily service of any organization. We understand that Hot Tapping Pipelines varies in different situations depending on system pressure but our technologically advanced tools can deal with complex situations and end the process. The impact of this task is not only economical but is also environmental friendly.