Top 5 Color Trends for Interior Designing in 2020

Are you planning to give your home a new touch? Swiping a fresh coat on your home walls with trendy paint colors can give your home a fresh, brand new look. Besides, adding a new color to your walls or furniture is a cost-effective and commitment-free way to make a striking change. If you are ready to hire painting services in Dubai to make a major change in your home for the new decade, you should not look further than the top paint color trends.

1# Champagne

Champagne’s hue is going to be the biggest interior color trend in 2020. In fact, it will replace the cool grey shades that have been ubiquitous in the world of interior designing for years. The beige, the natural tone will help you make your room more inviting when compared to its grey counterpart. Besides, it adds an earthy touch to the interior that helps in creating a calm environment.

Pair this shade with bold textures and materials and play around with metallic accessories to make your room look more interesting.

2# Navy Blue

This color is growing in popularity due to its dark, rich shade that acts as a reminiscent of the night sky. Dark hues of blue look graceful when paired with champagne. This combination has the ultimate power of giving any home a feeling of coziness and comfort.

You can paint this color in combination with light shades such as white and ivory. However, it looks amazing when used to create a stunning accent wall.

3# Golden Yellow

While too much of yellow might not give a good impression, it can instantly brighten up any part of your home if used appropriately. It is the color of happiness and optimism. Most designers tend to use this color sparingly as an accent wall color. In 2019, Gen-Z Yellow was a popular color but a more subdued, golden yellow will replace it in the upcoming year.

This new tint of yellow will create a refreshing aura. This color works well not only for homes but also for nurseries and workspaces.

4# Olive Green

Green color has gained high popularity this year and will continue to be the choice of interior designers in 2020 as well. Olive green, in particular, will steal the limelight as it perfectly mimics the look of nature. Light olive green can be used on the interior as well as exterior walls and backyard facade. This tint is indeed the one that would take you back to a more natural and serene environment.

5# Light Pink

Also known as blush, light pink will be the choice of many interior designers next year. This hue won’t be restricted to nurseries anymore. Painting your home with a refreshing airy hue of pink is a great way of making the environment more tranquil and cheery. It is a perfect alternative to a white or beige color. You can choose this color for living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens as it compliments any space and works well with other colors too.

Want to check out more options for trendy paint colors? Consult a reliable painting service provider in Dubai to get exciting and fresh painting ideas for your home.

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